Anonymous: △ What is your most embarrassing moment?

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"I have a ton of those, but here’s one… when I was fifteen, I was just beginning work at the tea house when someone important — I can’t remember who it was, but my mother stressed that I treat them very well and make sure their food was perfect. Anyway, they stopped by for a meal and I took their order.

I wasn’t the most graceful waitress back then and when they ordered an Oolong tea, I tripped on the corner of a rug and ended up spilling hot tea all over this poor person’s lap. In my panic, I released Piplup and had him use Water Gun aaand well… It didn’t turn out very good. My mom was mad for awhile, but she teases me about it nowadays… If I ever meet them again, I’m going to have to apologize profusely, eheh…”  

Anonymous: △ Do you have a crush on anybody?

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"N-Not that I can, um, think of… I mean, of course I’ve had crushes in the past, but there’s not really anyone that I like more than a friend right now."

Send me a △ and ask a really invasive question aimed at my character


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Summer’s Warmth [Open]


The searing heat of the day had come just as was promised. The intense humidity and malicious rays from the sun had left the the town abandoned, it’s normally bustling and noisy streets humming only with the sound of the summer Ninjasks. The few shops that remained open were deserted, their owners surely bored out of their minds. Residents of Nocturne Town had boarded themselves up in their homes, relaxing in loose-fitting clothes while they enjoyed the luxury of central air conditioning. Unfortunately for Lenora, her ancient ranch house had yet to be upgraded with said luxury.

The woman had nearly stripped all of her clothing off at this point in the day, wearing a simple tank-top, a pair of shorts, and skipping on the shoes all together. This was a rare occurrence for the rancher, but the heat left her no choice but to abandon her usual daily attire. It had also forced her to rush through her chores for the day, letting most of the livestock out to the pasture, which was riddled with small pockets of trees for shade, and several ponds to keep them cool.

Speaking of keeping cool, it was her turn to find something to help herself escape the heat. Thankfully, a large pond resided not too far from her ranch, shielded from the sun’s heat by the forest canopy. She would still be hot, no doubt, but a dip in the water certainly wouldn’t feel bad.

Her grandparents had made a path into the forest decades ago, the ground beaten and worn by her family’s barefeet and the hooves and paws of countless Pokémon seeking refuge from the infamous summer heat waves. It was only a five minute walk or so, but Lenora was drenched by the time she reached the small clearing. Much to her surprise, someone had already beat her to it.

A young girl and her Pokémon were scattered about the area, with only the girl and her Piplup actually in the water. Having brought her own team along, she was glad for them to have companions while she swam. Solange, curious as ever, rushed over to her fellow Rapidash, slowing as she drew closer and whinnying a greeting and sniffing the air. Deja followed suit after the fire horse, the Flaaffy quickly becoming distracted by the girl’s Lucario and Flareon lounging in the share. The remainder of her team showed little interest and went off by themselves, Devereaux climbing an oak to lie in the shade, Lyle meandering off to graze, and Travus and Yvonne take residence beneath their own tree.

“‘Ello!” she called, approaching the pond’s edge with a wave. "Mind if we join ya?"

"Mwahaha! The villainous Dawn is nearing the innocent Piplup! Oh, what will Piplup do now that he’s corner-"

Dawn was in the midst of dramatically narrating her and Piplup’s antics when the sound footsteps fast approaching the pond hit her ears. She clamped a hand over her mouth, silently praying whoever it was hadn’t overheard her silliness. She swiftly reached for Piplup, holding him close to her chest as the source of the sound revealed themselves.

Almost immediately, Dawn recognized the woman before her as Lenora, the owner of the local livestock store. Awhile ago, she’d bought her Rapidash from her, though she doubted she remembered after all of this time. Thankfully, she was known to be a kind person; a thought that helped ease Dawn’s embarrassment. Releasing Piplup from her clutch, she merrily waved to Lenora and vigorously nodded her head.

"Of course not! The water’s cool, but feels great in this heat, so come on in!" Dawn responded. "Right, Piplup?"

"Pip piplup!" he chirped back. The Water-type nodded in agreement. Folding his wings behind his head, he began to float on his back, occasionally kicking at the water with his small feet to propel himself. Dawn observed him for a short moment before returning her attention to Lenora.

"You’re Lenora, right?" she asked. "I bought my Rapidash there from you about a year ago! You probably don’t remember, but I was really excited at the time- Oh, my name’s Dawn, by the way! I’m Johanna’s daughter, if that helps." 

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Summer’s Warmth [Open]

The sun was blazing that day; its unbearable heat kept most citizens of Nocturne within the confines of their air-conditioned homes. The news that morning had recommended staying indoors if possible, but if not, to bring cold water with them and stay hydrated. Dawn, whom had been working since 8 AM, was itching to fresh hair despite the hot weather.

With only a handful of customers during her shift, Dawn’s morning had gone by painstakingly slow. Her mother was kind enough to let her off an hour early. Wasting little time, Dawn headed home, packed a bag full of things she would need for her outing and headed for the woods. Piplup followed closely behind her, a cheerful skip in his step.

It took about 15 minutes to reach their destination and by then, Dawn felt as if she was literally sweating buckets. Piplup chirped excitedly as his eyes fell upon the familiar pond they often swam in during weather like this. He glanced up to Dawn questioningly to which she nodded, unable to suppress a giggle of amusement at her Pokémon’s delight.

She quickly stripped of her clothing, leaving her in a two piece bathing suit. Releasing the rest of her Pokémon, she watched as Lucaruio and Flareon took refuge under a shady tree that Pachirisu was already climbing. Rapidash, on the other hand, busied herself by grazing on the fresh green grass the forest offered.

A cry from Piplup caught her attention. She spun around, spotting him floating merrily in the water and waving at her with one of his fins. “I’m coming, Piplup!” she called in return, grinning. She took a couple of steps back and charged forward, jumping into the water with a loud splash. A couple of seconds later, Dawn emerged, shaking the water from her hair. 

"O-Ooh, it’s chilly!" she gasped in surprise.


Dawn turned around to gaze at Piplup, smirking devilishly. “I’m gonna get you, Piplup!” she teased him. “You’d better swim fast!” With that, she took off after the Water-type, splashing noisily the entire time. With all the ruckus, she didn’t hear approaching footsteps from the nearby foliage.

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